Q: Where have you been dude?

been caught up at the studio, really busy lately.

hoping to get back to trolling asap!

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Q: your beauty is too much to handle, your beard is amazing, and your face makes me happy. Have a good day sir

ty! <3  this comment just made my weekend

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Q: #1 most handsome man


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step into the light - live @the metro chicago

my project ‘Midwave’ was featured on: http://lapige.be/2014/03/rencontre-electronique-avec-midwave/

stream/download our single ‘Premonition’ for free - featuring remixes by M|O|O|N and Dan Konopka of ‘Ok GO’

also features a brief Q&A for those of you that can read french

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Q: More tumblr famous than me already. DA FUCK!?! I blame your epic beard.

let us combine for maximum tumblr-ness

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Q: very handsome. that's insane that you just made this & have so many followers. the ladies love you.

thank you. i definitely wasn’t expecting such a response. tumblr has shown me a lot of love <3

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Q: your beard is cool

ty :)

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Q: welcome to tumblr!

thank you, i hope i can contribute to your blog again soon!

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